JRLaw Gives Back to the community

“The job of a personal injury attorney is to serve the community by advocating for the injured against large and powerful insurance companies.

In addition to serving the community, I believe in the importance of giving back. And the best way to give back to the community is through your passion. My passion is dogs. Ever since I lost an immediate family member of my own to a tragic accident in 2016, I’ve learned firsthand the value and meaning of our relationships with our dogs. They are more than pets. They are part of our family. Dogs truly are man’s best friend and our most loyal companions. They brighten our lives and bring unlimited joy.

At JR Law, we want to give back to the community by helping as many dogs as we can. That’s why we routinely donate to local animal shelters throughout South Florida. And we vow to donate a percentage of any legal fee that we recover following a personal injury that results from a dog bite to a local animal shelter so that we can help dogs, raise awareness for animal training, adoption, and education, and give back to the community.” - Julian Rudolph