There are times in your life when you might need to rent a car. Perhaps you’re traveling and need one, or perhaps you’ve been in an accident and you need one while your car is being repaired. The question arises then, if you rent a car, what kind of insurance should you have?

Do you need car rental insurance as part of your auto insurance coverage or should you purchase it from the rental car company?

There are actually several different situations in which you might need different kinds of rental insurance. There is car rental insurance that you can have on a policy of your own, and then there is a rental company’s offer of insurance when you rent one of their vehicles.

  • Rental Car Reimbursement: This type of coverage with your own auto insurance will pay for a rental car while your insured automobile is being repaired for a covered loss, i.e., a car crash, fire, or vandalism. Be sure to check the policy carefully to see what the exact coverage is.
  • Standalone Rental Car Insurance: You can purchase a standalone policy for a rental car from a number of insurance carriers which would totally replace the insurance you would purchase at a rental car agency. There are several different options you’d be able to choose from, so be sure to get the insurance you feel you need.
  • Rental Car Company Insurance: You don’t need rental insurance on your own policy in order to rent a car but it can’t hurt. Rental car companies usually only offer the minimum insurance if you get into an accident. If the damages are more than the insurance, you could be left with a hefty bill to pay.


(Note: Coverage from your policy may only cover a rental car company’s vehicle if the rental is for personal use. Be sure to check with your agent about what coverage you have and under what circumstances.)

Do you or don’t you need rental car insurance from the rental car agency?

If you’re not sure whether you need rental car insurance from the car rental insurance agency, here’s a look at the bottom line to help you make a decision.

You may want to purchase rental car insurance from a rental car company if:

  • You’re concerned about having to pay a deductible or a higher rate on your own car insurance if you’re in an accident in the rental car; or
  • You’re traveling abroad where your own insurance doesn’t cover you.

You may not need to purchase the rental car company insurance if:

  • Your own policy provides sufficient coverage; or
  • If you’ve purchased standalone coverage through a separate company.

If you do have your own rental insurance, either as part of your overall automobile insurance, or standalone insurance, you’ll need to tell the rental car agent that you have insurance of your own. Some rental companies will ask to see proof of insurance, so be sure to have a copy of your policy with you, if asked.

If you suffered injuries in a rental car accident, you might be entitled to rightful compensation. If you’d like a Miami personal injury attorney from Julian Rudolph Law to evaluate your case, please send us an email or call (305) 300-2702.