Electric scooters have taken America by storm. It seems Bird and Lime scooters are on every street corner in major American cities. As the number of people using scooters grows, we must review some basic safety tips for electric scooter riders.

Keep Both Hands on the Handlebar

The state of Florida requires electric scooters to drive on the sidewalk. As you’re riding alongside pedestrians, you must maintain full control of the scooter by keeping both hands on the handlebar. Don’t hold a drink or your phone in your hand while driving, as both can cause you to lose control.

A scooter moving at 15-20 miles per hour can cause significant damage if it hits someone. You could also be hurt if you run into a tree or a streetlamp. Nearly 1 in 3 electric scooter riders involved in a scooter accident suffer a broken nose or skull fracture.

Take Your Headphones Off

It’s important to stay focused and alert while operating any motor vehicle. Wearing a headset reduces your situational awareness and increases your chances of failing to notice your surroundings. For example, you might not hear an ambulance speeding through the intersection.

Make sure you avoid wired earbuds. The wire could become caught on something, and forcibly pull the headphone from your ear at 15 miles per hour.

Don’t Take Passengers

Most bird scooters have a weight limit of 200lbs, although the Bird One is rated for 220lbs. Carrying a second passenger will almost certainly overload the scooter, making it more difficult to control and increasing the chances of an engine problem. In either case, a loss of control could result in running into someone and causing an injury.

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